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malapascua resorts

Resorts are opening one after another on Malapascua, so you have a good choice of places to stay. Some of the best resorts on Malapascua are:

Cocobana Resort has been here the longest and they are probably the biggest resort on Malapascua Island. They are located right in the middle of the main beach. There are a range of rooms for all budgets including beachfront - some nice big new AC rooms, some older AC and fan bungalows some cheaper rooms just back from the beach. They also have hot water in the AC rooms. The super deluxe rooms are amazing. They are so big, you need to use the phone to talk to someone on the other side of the room. They also have a pool. It is very popular and are almost fully booked year round, so be sure to book well in advance.

Malapascua Island Cocobana Resort

Malapascua Island Logon ResortTepanee is a new resort that is getting a very good reputation. It is Italian owned and run and on its own private spit, higher up overlooking the sea. Rooms are all AC with hot water showers and a balcony with a view. Also managed by the same people is Logon, an adjacent resort on its own private beach with 5 basic fan bungalows and stunning views.

Blue Coral is also on the main beach. It is built on the rocks, high up on the end of the beach. They have newly refurbished fan and air-con rooms. The air-con rooms are very big. The view from the rooms is spectacular. Some rooms also come with a balcony.

Slam's is just off the beach behind Thresher Shark Divers and has rooms with AC and hot water.

Ocean Vida is on the main beach about 2 minutes walk past Thresher Shark Divers and Cocobana. They have very nice beachfront and garden view rooms.

Legend Resort is the most expensive on the island. Its Superdeluxe rooms are poolside and Presidential rooms are beachfront.

There are also quite a few places offering backpacker rooms near the main beach. There is K5, behind Thresher Shark Divers, Bebe's near Ging Ging's restaurant and a few other places. These are generally very basic but are great for budget travelers. These do not take bookings and you will need to look around when you arrive. There are other resorts on the main beach, but it would be best to decide on the rooms once you have seen them, and there are also a few other isolated resorts scattered around the island, but most people stay on the main beach.

Air-con rooms tend to be expensive due to the high cost of electricity on the island to run the AC units. Also, there are only a few resorts with hot water. But do not make the mistake that cold water means the ice cold showers you may have on a cold European morning. Usually the "cold" water is tepid and quite refreshing.

Many of the newer resorts and rooms are concrete built. The bungalows are generally walled with "nipper" which is bamboo. After a few years this tends to become a little damp and may make the room smell musty. We like to think this adds to the charm.